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Ford Henderson

My speciality is working with ambitious service business and practice owners who need a steady stream of profitable new clients, and who are unsure how to market their services authentically.

Since leaving the corporate world I have “walked the walk” and successfully grown my own businesses over the past 20 years.

I know how difficult finding clients can be. When I moved from the corporate world to being an independent business owner I struggled to grow my business. The big budget corporate campaigns and strategies simply did not work in my new small service business.

I went through some difficult and challenging times. I was determined to be successful and invested a huge amount of time and money to learn and educate myself how to market and grow a service business. I tried and tested loads of ideas and strategies which resulted in growing my business to a high level. The more clients marketing strategies that I share and teach are proven methods that I and my clients use successfully.

I work with my clients to teach and implement my seven step-by-step more clients marketing system. I do this through one to one private consultations, group sessions and telephone programmes.

I hope to be working with you soon with on the upcoming More Clients Group Marketing Programme to help you get more clients and increase your income.

I’m looking forward to meeting you at the upcoming free workshop.

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Ford Henderson – published author of ‘Get More Clients In Less Time’

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