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“Really useful – more than an introduction into the world of lead generation”
Ian Dickinson, NCT Limited
Business owner for 6 years

“Very practical, useful, relevant”
Roz Allen, Hapsis Innovation Ltd
Business owner for 3 months

“Excellent information and advice”
Anne Dodsworth, Castlebeck Care

“Great introduction to marketing and how existing marketing can be improved”
Chris Scott, Smithers Purslow Property Services
Business owner for 9 years

“Great experience, as a one day course we have learned a lot with regards to the relevant topic”
Maria McKenzie, MFC in the Community
Business owner for 12 years

“Great one day workshop to understand marketing in a practical, common sense way”
Giles Johnston, Smartspeed
Business owner for 5 years

“The workshop covered a broad range of marketing information and opportunities.”
David McClure, Velcrobelly
Business owner for 9 years

“Excellent communication skills and a lot to get through – maybe a follow up workshop?”
Jane Cooper, Business Owner for 6 years

“Good solid foundation on Marketing Strategies”
Craig McManus, NECA Recruitment
Business owner for 12 months.

“Very helpful and easy advice to follow which will make a difference to the business for the better”
Paula Turner, PT Direct
Business owner for 4 years

“6 clients in 8 weeks”

Before working with Ford I found marketing a difficult chore. Things I tried did not work and I was struggling to find profitable new clients at the rate I needed.

With the information and ideas I learned from the workshop I completely transformed my marketing approach and grew in confidence to implement his ideas quickly.

Ford helped me to clarify my market and who I should be directing my marketing efforts towards and the marketing foundation mapped out an easy to follow strategy that helped me focus on the activities that generate enquires and customers. Since the workshop I have won 6 new high-paying clients in 8 weeks and I’m well on the way to having a continuous supply of quality clients that I need.

The workshop stood out from the crowd because Ford engages with his audience to deliver information that is specific to their business and he explains in easy to understand language exactly what to do. The workshop has made a huge difference to me and my business.

Ovi Sule Business owner for 18 months
Kumo Project Ltd

“Lots of good basic information which covers a wide range of levels”
Sally Brewis, Green Fingers

“Good concise information to provide guidance”
Wyn Barnes, Wyn Barnes Images
Business owner for 6 years

“Exceeded my expectations. Very thorough day which allowed me create a practical and manageable action plan”
Alan Balmer, Alan Balmer Associates

“Excellent introduction to marketing techniques”
Paul Emerson, Petas Ltd
Business owner for 3 years

“Very informative, clear to understand, would make a great difference in company growth”
Julia Murray, Tyneside Factors Ltd

“Theworkshop provides a good understanding of the resources which can be used to good effect to raise business profile and how touse them to best advantage.”
Jen Howell, Thru the Maze
New start up

“Very useful to focus you in on a ‘strategy’ and ‘blue print’ for the business and the ‘way forward’”
Lynn Carr-Woodward, Rooms to Go

“It is worthy to attend. Changing approach, clearing view”
Mike Czubinski, Mate Creative

“This workshop has been a very informative session providing insight into key marketing strategies and an introduction to identifying target market. Can be applied to every type of service business so something for everyone to take away with them.”
Sarah Humphreys, Neuro Partners

“The session was held in an office that lent itself to a professional and open meeting where the areas which needed to be covered could be discussed and recorded in a very positive environment.

“The meeting was at a pace to suit me and allowed time for reflection of ideas and helped to provide a focus on particular areas which are important to me and my business.

“Whilst I have a great deal of business experience, being able to utilise someone as a sounding board that is also very skilled in sales, marketing and client attraction proved to be very beneficial. This is of particular use to sole self employed people and to those who see the need to gain an independent, external and objective view of their business.

“In the main my clients tend to be fairly large businesses who employ my services on a number of days per week for a number of months per year, and hence the growth in client numbers may not be large but the extra focus on given areas of growth for my business are important.

“The free booklet is a valuable reference tool to be utilised on a regular basis when examining your own Business Plan.”
Gordon Angus, Simply Business Development

“Fully informative and pitched at a basic introductory level”
Lisa Scott, Go Wansbeck

“Very informative especially if you have NO marketing in place”
Jackie Winship, McNally & Thompson

“The workshop gave me a great insight into areas which I didn’t realise were so key to gaining new customers. A fabulous course that has lots of relevant information, which will enable me to move the company forward and stand out from the crowd.”
Kyle Maddox, The House Husband
Business Owner for 2 years

“Delivered by a knowledgeable guy. Really useful, with invaluable simple tools and techniques that will generate more clients”

Steve Dennis, Steve Dennis Associates

“A very informative introduction to the essential principles of marketing
Phil Garner, Newcastle Music
Business owner for 2 years

“Highly recommended”

“A very useful day – worth investing the time in. Ford brought a fresh perspective into Networking and several good tools and techniques that you can actually use, so moved beyond theory into stuff that you can actually use!

His style is easy and engaging and Ford makes sure it is inclusive for the whole group. Highly recommended.”

Stephen Hopkirk, ESH Solutions Ltd
Business owner for 5 years

“Worthwhile investment of time to help your business grow”
Michael Baker, Chartered Surveyor
Business owner for 6 years

“Very informative and I have learned so much.”
Ian Don, Don 1 Malegrooming
Business owner for 1 month

“Very helpful and an eye opener.”
Bernadette Szucs, Dreamworld Cakes
Business owner for 3 years

“This workshop has been very helpful and given me a good base of information.”
Ilana Flanagan, Eliesha Training Ltd

“Very worthwhile. Good intensive day taking time out of the business. Loads of things to work on. Will look at Linked In etc. and creation of opt-in site on website. Made me rethink how I write adverts – ‘headlines’ and also the ‘call to action’.”
Karen Phillips, Widehaugh House
Business owner for 8 months

“It was a very worthwhile day and has indicated areas within the current business that need attention to marketing needs”
Stephen Patrick, Impress North East Ltd
Business owner since 1997

“It is worth going on this workshop. I found it interesting and picked up a few tips that I will be acting on”
Nathan Woolley, Express Lasers
Business owner for 4 years

“Very useful workshop. I was completely new to the local area and came away with lots of ideas and networking strategies. The ‘message’ writing part of the workshop was particularly helpful as it gives you a no-frills way of introducing yourself to new people and companies.

“It was also incredibly helpful to air some frustrations about the business in a supportive environment and to receive constructive advice to remedy any problems.”
Sarah Hughes, Work it Baby

“Lots of refreshing ideas…”

“It’s a really good way of looking at ways in increasing business. Some very good ideas and some good advice. Lots of refreshing ideas, things which people may have come across but a very good reminder.”
Probier Chattergee, CY Partners

“Thank you for yesterday’s training, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot, some of which I have already put into practice by changing my website home page to reflect the model you gave us!

“I’ll certainly retain your card for future use and will recommend you to any clients that I feel will benefit from you.”
Steve Hopkirk, ESH Solutions Limited

“We had tried to be all things in our field but this process has helped us decide on not only the area we want to be recognised in as regional experts but to look for strategic collaboration with others in the same field.

The process has helped us decide how best to describe what we do in networking meetings, “The report was well laid out and easy to follow. The thought processes needed to be gone through were easily done in the step by step nature of the report and helped focus on what really matters.

Action planning at the end makes it real.”
John Ainsley/Pete Nyland
Compass Professional Development

“Lots of good tips to avoid pitfalls for the new networker. The section on employment backgrounds opens the mind.”
Joanne Richardson, Thermo Fisher Sci
Business ownerfor 8 years

“Enjoyable day with lots of interesting ideas and new concepts to refresh marketing systems in place. New fresh outlook on what way to move forward with our marketing.”
Lisa Scott, European Sole
Business owner for 3 years

“It was useful. It confirmed and helped me to understand the importance of marketing and ways I can help my company be a success!”

Richard Hutchinson, The Clean Degree
Business owner for 2 years

“Very informative and gives an abundance of marketing strategies you might not have considered. Really interesting topic, lots of time for questions and advice which is specific to your business.”
Sarah Hughes, Work it Baby!
Business owner for 3 months

“Very enlightening and stimulating”
Theodore Adegbie, E-Lawconsults CIC
Business owner for 18 months

“The workshop was useful and a good thematical tool to help you think about your market differently”
Caroline Berry, Prestige

“An excellent overview to ensure you get the fundamentals right and ensure you don’t waste money”
Mike Hill, Marcom Direct Ltd

“Very beneficial to an organisation”
Deborah Crowther, Quantum Controls
Business owner for 2 years

“Very simply helped focus our marketing and gave useful advice on how to drill down to our ideal market focus”
Steve Finnigan, Riteclick IT Services Ltd

“Informative and thought provoking. It has given me a lot of things to go away and take a look at and improve”
Susan Lang, Red Sky UK

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