Frequently Asked Questions about the Taster Workshop

Q: Why should I invest my time in coming to the workshop?

In my experience, the people who benefit most from the workshop, are business service owners who need help implementing marketing strategies to gain a consistent flow of clients.

In other words, business owners who:

  • Already have a successful organisation, but want to take it to a higher level through the application of structured marketing.
  • Are unsure where to start, and have never been formally taught how to effectively market their business to gain a more regular client base.
  • Are fed up of wasting time and money through not investing in professional advice.
  • Are interested in a marketing programme that focuses on boosting their income and establishing their business for growth.
  • That feel intimidated by cold sales calling and want an authentic way of marketing their services

Q: Who should NOT come to the workshop?

The workshop is not for everyone. It is not for people who make excuses and resist or question every proven suggestion that I share.

If you are closed minded or blame others as the reason your business is not at the right level then it is not for you.

Q: Why is it FREE?

I’m interested in working with motivated businesses owners who realise understand that they don’t have the marketing skills or knowledge and want more information to find out if the upcoming More Clients Marketing Programme would be a good choice.

You can find out more by clicking this link

Q: What can I expect from the workshop?

You will discover why marketing a service is different and I will explain my Seven step more clients marketing system in detail so you can see how it will work for you.

Q: What are you going to sell me?

Promise – there is no big sell. I want you to make your own mind up to join the programme. I will run through how it works, pinpoint what’s in it for you and let you make an informed decision to join.

Q: Can I afford the programme (funding is available)

Yes it will be affordable. When an opportunity to learn and grow your business presents itself it’s important to make a decision on the value and results you will receive from it. The programme can quickly pay for itself by attracting clients more quickly. Often 2-3 new clients is all it takes.

I’m finalising the investment and will explain it at the workshop.

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